"Test your knowledge" layout

This cool interactive feature brings the quiz interactions to a new level! Content is pushed contextually in real-time when an exciting sport moment happens (e.g. when a goal is scored). The appealing design encourages users to respond to a question and test their knowledge. They can choose one of three possible answers, which are displayed as stylish, shiny-animated buttons. After the users click on a button, they see the correct answer in green and the two wrong ones in red. Afterwards, they get an exciting ”Did you know"-info about the club they have clicked on. In addition, the opportunity to participate in attractive bets appears. The "Test Your Knowledge" layout thus offers intelligent monetization options in a stylish, interactive way that effectively encourages the user to participate.

The pennants layout

The pennants layout is similar to the "Test Your Knowledge" layout. The three interactive answers are displayed as stylish pennants. The brilliant animation of the pennants and the tidy design, invite the user to react. After clicking on a pennant, all the pennants turn, and the correct answer is revealed by a green-shiny border. But that's not all - the users also get answers to the two "wrong" candidates, displayed as a short text inside the pennant. The answers are context-related to the preceding question: Liverpool won in 2019, but Chelsea was champion in 2012 and Tottenham runner-up in 2019. The contextual "Schon Gewusst" and the inspiring invitation to further prediction game appear animated from left to right and also offer the sponsor the attractive opportunity to monetize.

The Merch layout

The Merch Layout aims at the playful interaction of the users with a voting. The design of the three shiny-animated pennants and the pictures of the respective players are very appealing. The style is adapted to the club, here BVB - colours, logo, look and feel. If the users click on a pennant, a playful counter appears, which displays the respective evaluation of the voting. A contextual, exciting ”Did you know" about the player clicked on will appear in place of the question. In addition, an attractive offer for a merchandise item of the clicked player is offered - an intelligent, contextual monetization option for the sponsor.

"Test Your Knowledge 2.0" Layout

The "Test Your Knowledge 2.0" layout is similar to the "Test Your Knowledge" layout before, but dealing with a voting rather than a quiz. The users vote. The three possible answers - shown as circles - contain images of each player and a glossy animation that encourages the user to respond. If the user clicks on an answer, an interactive counter will appear showing the voting results. Then the user gets an exciting ”did you know" about the clicked player, as well as an attractive invitation to another betting game. Again, the sponsor reaches an intelligent monetization possibility which appeals to the user through the playful and contextual design.

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